1st Gen Neon Throttle Body Machining


1995-1999 Neon Throttle Body Machining

Clean - Bead Blast - Bore 

Mfr & install new 55mm throttle plate

Test Sensors is included

$125 includes priority mail shpg to a US address

Price listed is for performing the work to your core


Please package TB carefully and include your sensors for testing. Payment of $135 by cash or MO made out to Steve Monroe can be placed inside the pkg. USPS works cheaper/faster so mail your TB to me at 12625 SW 53 St Mustang OK 73064  Be sure to include a note with your mailing address and a way to contact you. 


Outright Price: $160 shpd to a US address


MTX Machining

MTX TB castings aren't good candidates for machining. The thickness of the aluminum causes gas bubble to remain in the metal so when machined the surface will appear pitted. If this is acceptable to you then I can machine your MTX TB. 

If you desire a better surface finish you'll need to send your MTX throttle body (or just the throttle shaft and sensors) here along with a good core from an ATX TB. I'll then machine the ATX throttle body and install your parts in it. 

$135 Your Core


Outright Price: $175 shpd to a US address

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