84-85 GN Throttle Bodys


This mod helps the hotair cars even more than it does for the intercooled cars.

the inlet diameter on these parts is more than .300" larger than the exit diameter. (65mm vs 57mm) Plus there is an even smaller lip between the two sections and two IAC tubes that protrude into the airstream to further restrict air flow.

The mod I do involves Machining about 5 mm from the rear section and removing the lip where the two diameters meet, I then grind the IAC tubes flush and modify the shaft to improve airflow.

on the linkage side of the hotair throttle body is a casting boss with a recess in it that will be cut through during the boring procedure. (can be seen in the pic above) In order to correct this, This, I attach a disk with JB Weld to cover the hole. The JB Weld method used to secure the disk works fine since this area of the throttle body doesn't see boost pressure.


The 84-85 Throttle body rework does not involve installing a larger plate.


Hotair TB Service - $125 & $10 priority mail shpg


48 hour turn-around in most cases

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