Steve Monroes'

1986 Buick Grand National

No longer mine but I couldn't be happier how my Godson is taking it to the next level. 

Due to the ongoing (and messy) work in my shop I recently sold my GN to my godson. 

Here's Sean at the Buick - Ford Shootout 17 Oct, 2009


This is the license plate frame I had on both my Buick GN and my Pontiac Turbo Trans Am

This is what I've done to my car by porting the stock turbo, adding the larger intercooler neck and a few other airflow improving mods. In my opinion, there were a lot of built in restrictions in  these cars as they came from the factory and it's been a interesting to me to find these bottlenecks and remove them. 

Sometimes I would do something that seemed as though it would make a bit of improvement only to find out at the dragstrip that it didn't help at all. After not too many of these disappointments I realized that if something were improved upstream, a corresponding improvement would need to be made downstream on the engine. A friend calls this "Chasing the cork." An added benefit is that the horsepower increase hasn't placed the extra burden on the engine that pumping more air in with a larger turbo would do. In over 200 1/4 mile passes, I have never had a head gasket failure or any kind of motor damage.  

Reading the list of parts below may be misleading to some extent unless it's kept in mind that some of the parts were installed with future upgrades in mind. They're not all necessary to get a Turbo Buick into the low 12s. If your plans are to improve the performance of a Turbo Regal, I'd like to first congratulate you on your choice of cars and hope that the experience returns as much fun for you as it has for me. 

Performance Stats; 

Best 60ft:  1.62 

Best 1/8:    7.62

Best 1/8 mph: 90.54

Best 1/4: 11.98 

Best 1/4 mph:   113.46

Altitude Corrected 1/4 Mile - 11.80 @ 115. 24

Rear Wheel Horsepower - 430

Flywheel HP - 538

Awards and/or Trophies received

55 Show awards (1 best of show)

Performance Modifications

Turbo: Ported stock turbo w/Stage 2 inlet bell (compressor ported to match)

Ported exhaust elbow

Injectors: #36lb (Blue Tops)

Converter: Transcrafters Orange Stripe


Chips by Red Armstrong 

Or Sometimes I made my own using a Pocket Programmer



Intercooler:  Modified Neck Stock

Heads:  Stock

Engine internals:  The only modification to the engine was installation of 100# valve springs

Gauges:  Digital EGT w / hold, GNX dash, Caspers knock detector, Trans Temp gage.

Exhaust:  Hooker 2.5" Duals

Boost control: Adj. Stock 

Special Notes:  Car has all options except digital dash, rear def. & block heater.
Purchased in Keller,Tx in Jan,95 w / 6177 miles.
Former Vice Director - Ok Buick Performance Club


Alcohol Injection
Direct Scan
ScanMaster 2
Biondo Line lock
Ashtray mount switch panel
Torque Converter Lock-up switch
Fan on switch
GM Diesel High Speed Fan (not yet installed) - GM F-body Radiator
Alc Injection on/off switch
Low alcohol fluid warning LED
Driver and passenger side valve cover breathers
RJC Power Plate (2001)
Braided Stainless steel brake lines
Drive shaft loop
Rear seat braces
Rear Spring Airbags
LPW differential cover with girdle with axle tube braces
Boxed lower control arms w/PST bushings
Bilstein shocks
Homemade cold air kit w/Cottons Performance Hi-Flo Ram Air filter
MAF Translator & ported 3" Impala SS MAF Installed Jan, 99
KB hood mount FP gauge
Enkei 3pc alum. 15"X 8" wheels
Mickey Thompson 10.5" x 26" Slicks
62mm Throttle Body

Postons Ceramic Coated Headers Installed Nov, 99
ATR Stainless Crossover Pipe Installed Nov, 99
Terry Houston 3" Downpipe Installed Dec, 99
CAS V-4 Stock location intercooler, Jan, 2001


August 2007

Motor freshened by Tracy Hooper. 

Upgraded Parts include Edelbrock 204-214 cam, ported heads with O/S Manley SD valves. 

Miscellaneous under hood parts powder coated or polished. 


Nov 2007

16X8 Enkei GNX style rims 

Goodyear Eagle HR 225-65X16 front & 235-60X16 rear. 


Rims polished by












Performance Update,  9-8-2008

1st Pass: 11.81 @ 113 - 1.69 60 ft

4th Pass: 11.80 @ 114 - 1.66 60 ft

Update 10-17-2009

11.72 @ 115.48

Altitude corrected 11.53 @ 116.91

Stock Turbo  -  Home ported heads

EB 204-214 cam  -   V4 Intercooler  -  THDP



           Budnik Wheels / Modern Reproduction GN Wheel. 

This was the first set in 18". 

Fronts are 18x9 with 4.5 bs.  Tire size 245-40 

Rear Size is 18x10 with 4.75 bs.  Tire size 285-40

You can order them polished or do what Sean did and get the centers and holes powder coated. 

The car will be lowered in the near future which should really set these wheels off.









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