1G Turbo Throttle body 


Outright Price - $235

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Add $65 for a Revised ISC Sensor (1 yr Warr.)

TB includes gaskets for installation & Priority Mail Shpg.


Note; 1G FIAVs are often severely corroded at the coolant tubes so you may receive your TB with a 2G FIAV installed. The difference in the 1G & 2G FIAV is the coolant tubes on the 2G are 1mm smaller dia. and both are short. Due to the smaller dia. I advise using new rubber hose and worm gear clamps to get a leak free seal.   




Receive, Clean & Inspect

Bead blast

Test Sensors & Closed Throttle Switch

Replace Shaft Seals 

New Biss screw & O-Ring,

Install Throttle Plate & LokTite Screws

Clean & Flush FIAV

 Install FIAV with New Stainless Screws and O-Ring gasket

Instructions to have your TB rebuilt: ($140)

Please package TB carefully and include your sensors for testing. Payment of $140 by cash or MO made out to Steve Monroe placed inside the pkg. USPS works cheaper/faster so mail your TB to me at 12625 SW 53 St Mustang OK 73064  Be sure to include a note with your mailing address and a way to contact you. 

Pricing includes priority mail shpg and gaskets for installation

1G 4G63 Machining Service

I've been machining DSM TBs for 12 years and sometimes one will need to come back here to be adjusted or have another throttle plate made. This is usually due to variables between cars such as under hood temperatures, flatness of the intake flange, or the casting going out of round after I've sent it out. (yes it happens) Another cause for the TB having to be returned is the FIAV is leaking causing a high idle. I can't test your FIAV when I work your TB so if idle issues arise after installation we'll do  some trouble shooting steps to determine the cause. 

Bottom line is these castings were made to work fine in the stock bore size. If that's altered there can be issues that will come up. If the TB has to be returned it will be taken care of as soon as it comes in.

The charge to rebuild and bore a 1991-1994 1G Turbo TB is $200.

Uber-Boost Shaft Seals: $30



To perform the work on a 1G NT TB the charge is $225 (includes taper & polish on the entrance)

Rebuild & machine your 1G Non Turbo TB $250





Need Sensors?